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My new name - Tall Angel Photography

My first blog post under my new name and identity!

I know many old clients are wondering why the change from The Artful Baby to Tall Angel Photography. I loved my old name The Artful Baby, I felt it summed up who I was and what I tried to do with every photography shoot. I was about babies whether in tummies or brand new or a bit older and I have always been about growth as an artist, about every photography shoot being unique, one of a kind with my essential style behind it.

An issue arose in the past year when I decided I wanted to start photographing high school seniors/teenagers. I felt this was almost like the, I don't want to say ending, because your children are your babies whether they are a one year old or a seventy-one year old but to a degree it is the ending of an era. Your baby is moving away from your home, heading to a life that is essentially theirs and theirs alone. So I felt it brought my photography sessions to a full circle. However I felt the word "baby" in The Artful Baby was a derogatory term when applied to an older teenager. So it was at this point I knew I needed to grow. I had retained the name "The Artful Photographer" for this growth but a year after purchasing it and when I wanted to put it to use, I found a photographer in Chicago was called "Artful Photographer". That was a blow, and I pondered what to do.

Finally, it came to me. I would change completely and become Tall Angel Photography! Who doesn't love angels, and I feel I am such a strong advocate for women and their rights, and I feel I have so many angels helping me out all the time. But the name initially came as an acronym from my two daughter's names. The most wonderful angels in my life! The two who always lift me up and make me laugh and sing! What a better name than a name that encompasses pure love in my life!

So onto the new journey under Tall Angel Photography! It's one I am super excited about!

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