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About Our Child Photography Sessions 

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Tall Angel Children's Photography Photo Shoots

Tall Angel Photography Childhood sessions are about capturing your child's personality rather than a fake smile plastered on for a second. The child photography shoot builds on a child's imagination and on their every day play.  They are simple styled sessions. What makes your child smile, frown, cry, laugh? 


Before a Tall Angel child photography shoot Janette will ask questions about your child. What do they love to do? What are their interests? Do they love pirates, spaceships, art, the stars, balloons, adventure, animals, flowers, butterflies, horses? If possible Janette will try and incorporate an atmosphere that will invite your child to be a child. To explore and have fun. 

Janette prefers to take children's photography outside as much as possible. Her photos are more fluid than a backdrop can often allow. They are more whimsical. Janette is looking to capture your child's age and personality against a beautiful location. Janette wants to capture today for tomorrow but she also wants to create a piece of art that anyone would love to hang on their wall whether it was their child or not.  

How long will a child photography session be?

Typically the children's photography session is about two hours long but they are dependent on the child's age. Most children of any age are done in one and a half to two hours

What should my child wear to a child photography photo session?

For Boys:  Janette loves casual and simple.  Jeans, a white shirt and bare feet is her favorite. Or on a hot day just jeans and barefoot. Country casual. Then elements can be added. A coonskin hat for the hunter, a newspaper paper hat for the explorer or an Indian headdress. Again, something simple to fire up the imagination is wonder for children aged 3 years and up.

Vintage clothing of any type works like magic in childhood photography sessions. There always seems to be so much imagination associated with vintage. And we can always do a change of clothing if they are willing.

For Girls: Janette adores vintage clothing! She loves simple classic white or simple flowery dresses. Jeans are always a classic favorite. Tutus and rain boots! Having fun and mixing it up. Color can work well if it is soft. Bright colors can often overpower children in child photography however rules can be broken - bright red or emerald green against the right background can work.

Logos or heavy designs or pictures won't work, we want the photography images to focus on your child and the clothing.

Bare feet always works well with Janette's casual chic approach to children's fine art photography images. 


Janette prefers to photograph children outside.  In fields. By water. Rivers, lakes, oceans, puddles!

She is happy to go to a location of your choosing. And Janette's studio is located in Pawling, NY surrounded by fields and woods and lakes. If it's too cold to go outside then she works her own imagination to create simple fun inside.

Children's Photography New York City, NY, Hudson Valley, NY, Westchester NY, CT

Creating a Scene 

Before a shoot I will discuss with you if you would like to create a simple scene for your child.  If he or she is interested in boats, trains, exploring, space ships or Indians. Or is he or she interested in flowers, butterflies, stars, mermaids or dolls.  


Janette finds there is a special bond with children and animals. Perhaps it is the innocence. If you would like your child to be photographed with a farm animal - a sheep or a goat or a chicken or a bunny, this can be arranged for an additional fee. Janette works closely with a small farm "Henny Penny Farm" in Ridgefield, CT. There we have access to small farm animals and an experienced animal handler to help with the shoot.

Child Photography Sessions in New York City, Ny, Hudson valley NY, Westchester NY and
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