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Fall Photography in the Hudson Valley, NY

My favorite time to take photos of children is in the spring and summer. I love the warm weather, the long days of sunshine. I am located in the country and I think of my self as a country photographer. The countryside inspires me. I love photographing children amongst wildflowers in the fields. And photographing children with baby chicks and lambs in the spring. The sunlight trickling between the new leaves in the trees transforming the bland to the beautiful. So unlike many people in the north-east of USA I am not so fond when the leaves start to turn from green to yellow, red and orange, giving an unimaginable dazzling display of color that would leave Monet speechless. I know it's beautiful but it usually reminds me too much that Jack Frost has his icy fingers only inches away. But this year even I fell in love with Fall! The days were so warm and Autumn seemed to go on endlessly. And of course there is nothing better than apple picking and pumpkin picking in warm weather...So now even though we are past peak season and only occasionally do I pass through trees so bright it's surreal...I can look back at some of the photo sessions I had and smile. Here is a photo I took that I love from a photo shoot a couple of weeks back in Woodstock NY that captured the season for me. Look for a blog coming up to see the family photos that went along with this peaceful setting...


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