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The art of feeling beautiful while pregnant

Pregnancy is beautiful! If I didn't feel this way I wouldn't be a pregnancy photographer. Pregnancy photography is probably my favorite photography. The pregnant form is sculptural and artistic, and I love the creativity presented. But there is another side too. There is an art to making a woman see the beauty in herself while weighing 30, 40, 50, 60lbs her usual weight! I have been pregnant and know all about it. Yes intellectually we realize there is a baby in our tummies making us bigger and bigger but our mind screams "fatter and fatter". Emotionally it is exhilarating but also terrifying... and physically it is exhausting! I applaud each and every woman that crosses my doorstep. Few come bounding through that door feeling pretty and ready for their "close-up". No, 98% of my clients cross that door with extreme trepidation. Worried about their shape, their stretch marks, their weight gain, not only in the tummy but in their arms and legs too. And yet they come. They come because they realize the miracle in them. They realize this time is precious and short lived and they realize, despite all - it is a beautiful time. They realize this sub-consciously, and it brings them forward when consciously their mind is screaming to turn and run!

It is my job to make sure every woman who graces my door step has a wonderful time! A time they will remember with laughter and joy as that is what this time is about. A time they will look back and see these images. These beautiful images. And when looking back, they feel an awe that they could ever have been so beautiful!

I encourage every woman to cherish this time! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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