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Capturing Today for Tomorrow



Tall Angel Photography is a boutique child photography, newborn photography, and pregnancy photography studio dedicated to creating artistic, timeless, heirloom, portraits.

Each photography session is customized with you before the shoot, so it can be personalized for you. As a boutique business, we are dedicated to creating relationships with the families and children we photograph. We love the individuality of our clients. We feel every child is unique, every person is unique, and we treat each photography image the same way. Every true art piece whether kiln-fired pottery or a Van Gogh is personal and one-of-a-kind, so every photograph we take is treated similarly. Every final photography image is retouched individually, creating an exclusive artwork that cannot be precisely replicated. Every retouched photography image is a personal vision. We strive to bring you the best in both photographic art and personal service.

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Pregnancy Photography: If wedding photos are considered mandatory, pregnancy photos should be essential. Pregnancy is more special than even the unity of marriage. It is a culmination of love for another. To bring life to the world, life created by love and unity, what is more meaningful and intimate?  This is the time in life to be remembered, to revere with you and your partner. Pregnancy also creates a wonderful sculptural form to be artistically photographed and celebrated as photographic art. Pregnancy and art are two words that need to be synonymous.

Newborn Photography: The purest time of life. Innocence and perfection. The newborn stage is so fleeting. To capture the innocence of this time, to be reminded of it, as your child grows and grows, is priceless. It is also an artistic moment, one that lends itself to beautiful art to be displayed and admired. Newborn photographs are difficult, much patience and love and experience come into play in posing, and keeping your baby content and happy. Along with creating beautiful newborn photographic art, safety and cleanliness is of the utmost importance.


Childhood Photography: Much longer than the newborn stage but too short all the same, we look to capture the whimsy and magic of childhood with your child. The joy, the quizzical, the tantrums, the smiles, the frowns, all beautiful, all photographic art to you and to others. A photograph of a child can melt a heart so why not have your child melt your heart with huge photographic wall art, the larger, the better! These are timeless moments of childhood captured in ageless photographic images that will forever be cherished.


Teen Photography: The beauty of the child as he/she begins to grow from a child to an adult. It is strange that we seem to expect the period from newborn to chubby baby to energetic toddler and into childhood but as a child matures into adulthood, it takes us by surprise. Where did this creature come from? And where is he/she going? The teenager creates questions in our mind probably because we recognize they have blossomed into their true selves and are no longer reliant on us. They are becoming their beautiful own being, quite separate from the parents who created them. We can however seize this moment to take those last beautiful photographic images before they fly the nest, into the world that will be created by them.

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teenage girls.jpg
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PRODUCTS:  The world has gone crazy on digital…everywhere you look there are digital images, but digital images are fleeting…art is not…we create solid art products that you can look at and feel on a daily basis. Sometimes too little emphasis is given to the sense of touch. But to hold a timeless photographic print, matted and framed, in your hand, to turn a page of fine handmade paper with photographic images of your family on it…words cannot describe the feeling this gives…to see and sense the beauty of a powerful image of your family as art, and to gaze on it every day is priceless. Not to mention the sense of familiarity to remind the family of their unity. Because of this, for every photography session we  create solid pieces of art in the form of wall prints and portfolio boxes and fine art albums that can be seen and felt through many senses…and that are not lost to the ether and time but can be passed solidly from generation to generation.

Tall Angel Photography is dedicated to giving our clients the best experience possible from start to finish. Due to this Tall Angel Photography sessions are extremely limited per month and most clients book weeks and even months in advance.



Janette is the perfect person to capture such an important moment! She is patient, nurturing and a true professional. She was willing to accommodate any requests, and was great at calming down our fussy newborn! We were so pleased with the product and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to capture these special moments!

- Amanda

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