The Newborn and his Violin

Not so long ago I had the chance to hang out again with one of my favorite families, and I say hang out because that is what it feels like. This family is one of the nicest, easiest going, loving families I have had the chance to meet. I have photographed them through two pregnancies, baby sessions, and now I was photographing their latest little newborn (though disclaimer: by the time I write this post he has become a big bouncing baby with a smile to light up any room!).

From our newborn photoshoot there were many images I loved, but the one photograph I am choosing to show you, is the one photograph that to me will always be beyond special. It radiates of love and timelessness through the generations. Of hopes and dreams. And one is always dreaming of the generations to come...

The violin little Rafael is sleeping on belonged to his great grandfather. The violin is not necessarily valuable in the world of expensive violins, but it is beyond priceless, it is an heirloom; a link to another, long ago generation, that escaped war and horror. It traveled the seas, and now lays under the chin of a new generation.

Photographs and heirlooms are priceless in that they can bridge generations, and remind us of our past and our future. And of our love for both.

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